Fishy Magic


My name is Jameson Thatcher, and among other things I am a software engineer, and a gamer. My preference is to be programming videogames, but I enjoy anything that is a technical challenge.

I primarily work in C++, although I’m familiar with lua, and have worked with C#, with a little work done in F#, bash, and python. I’ve also experience with Unreal Engine 3 and 4, and Unity.

My current project is a toy engine, with a game. The engine has an editor, with object creation and inspection provided by compile-time reflection. It also has a serialiser built over the reflection system. I don’t have much time for projects outside of work at the moment, so I’m trying (failing) to keep scope small.

I work for Boss Alien as a programmer, where I’m working on an unannounced free-to-play mobile title.

Shipped Titles

Notable Canned Titles

Other Work

I have also worked on several speculative projects, 2D and 3D, console and mobile, in Unity and UE4.