Fishy Magic


My name is Jameson Thatcher, and among other things I am a software engineer, and a gamer. My preference is to be programming videogames, but I enjoy anything that is a technical challenge.

I primarily work in C++, although I’m familiar with lua, and have worked with C#, with a little work done in F#, and bash. I’ve also experience with Unreal Engine 3 and 4, and Unity.

My current project is a survival/exploration game, in with the graphical style of Doom or Duke Nukem 3D. I picked this to learn a little about the history of game graphics, and about game engines in general. It uses SDL2 (for setting up windows, input, and loading textures) and lua. The rendering is all done in software, with the native code using modern C++14 techniques.

I work for Boss Alien as a programmer, where I’m working on an unannounced free-to-play mobile title.

Shipped Titles

Other Work

I also worked on several speculative projects, 2D and 3D, console and mobile.