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Super Lighting Adventure

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I now have outdoor lighting! It’s not super fancy, but it allows sectors to have their lighting be 100% controlled by the current daylight level, or to go between some base level and some max level, proportionally to daylight. Super simple, but it looks quite nice.


I’ve also been blocking out the area I want for the intro to the game, as getting it right will require me to finish off a bunch of the systems I’ve got planned to go in, and it’ll require me to draw some new and better textures. And that would mean finally getting rid of the awful stone wall texture which I’m pretty sick of looking at.

I’ve started working on a more complete design document for the game too, but almost everything I write down I find myself thinking ‘I need to make that to see if it’s fun or not’, so perhaps it’s a pointless exersise. On the other hand, it gives me something to do when I can’t use my laptop.

Still got a lot to do though!